Brainify.AI to Spotlight AI-Driven Psychiatry Innovations at Biotech Showcase 2024

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Jan 8, 2024 1:25:37 PM

Brainify.AI, a frontrunner in the field of precision psychiatry, is set to present its latest advancements at the prestigious Biotech Showcase™ 2024 in San Francisco. CEO and co-founder, Mariam Khayretdinova, will take the stage to present the groundbreaking impact of their AI and ML-based psychiatry platform on antidepressant development.

Event Details:

  • Date and Time: Tuesday, January 09, 2024, at 4:50 PM PT
  • Live Streaming: The presentation will be accessible online via the Biotech Showcase website for a global audience.

Main topics for the presentation:

  • Recent Achievements: Brainify.AI has recently completed a successful investment round and joined the Merck Digital Sciences Studio, marking a significant stride in the realm of mental health treatment.
  • Technology Insight: The company leverages sophisticated AI and ML techniques to analyze EEG data, enabling the early prediction of treatment outcomes, a breakthrough in psychiatry.
  • Impacting Clinical Trials: Brainify.AI's approach is reshaping clinical trial methodologies by enhancing the accuracy and success rate of antidepressant development.
  • Focus on Personalization: The platform is at the forefront of delivering personalized psychiatric care, transforming the way mental health conditions are treated.

CEO Quote: Mariam Khayretdinova expresses her excitement: "Presenting at Biotech Showcase 2024 is a pivotal moment for Brainify.AI. Our innovative platform is poised to revolutionize antidepressant development and precision psychiatry. We're eager to demonstrate its potential in improving patient treatment outcomes."

About Brainify.AI: Brainify.AI, a resident of J&J JLabs and part of the Merck Digital Science Studio, is pioneering the shift toward precision psychiatry. With its state-of-the-art AI EEG biomarker platform, the company is bridging the gap between clinical trials and effective treatments, catalyzing a new era in mental health care.

About Biotech Showcase: The Biotech Showcase is an annual investor conference that brings together biotechnology and life sciences companies with investors and pharmaceutical executives. It is a key event for networking and exploring future directions in therapeutic development.

Conclusion: Brainify.AI's participation in the Biotech Showcase 2024 underscores its commitment to advancing the field of psychiat

ry through innovative technology. The presentation by CEO Mariam Khayretdinova promises to be a highlight of the conference, offering insights into the future of mental health treatment and precision psychiatry. Attendees and online viewers can expect to learn about the cutting-edge applications of AI in enhancing the effectiveness of antidepressant development and personalized patient care.

Join Us: Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the forefront of AI in psychiatry. Tune in to Brainify.AI's presentation, either in person at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco or through the live stream on the Biotech Showcase website.