Brainify.AI Is Accepted Into Merck Digital Sciences Studio Program

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Nov 29, 2023 9:30:00 AM

New York City - November 28, 2028

Brainify.AI, an innovator at the forefront of precision psychiatry, today announces its acceptance into the Merck Digital Sciences Studio (MDSS), a digital accelerator designed to enable the next generation of technologies for drug discovery and development, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. MDS Studio was founded to offer support for early-stage biomedical startups providing strategic guidance, direct investment and other resources.

Strategic Focus:

  • AI is dedicated to enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of psychiatry clinical trials.
  • Its suite of AI-driven products, including PlaceboInsight AI, and TherapyInsight AI, are designed to enable clinical development.

Pioneering Precision Psychiatry:

  • Through its advanced biomarker technology, Brainify.AI assists in the identification of optimal patient segments, predicting treatment responses, and reducing the prevalence of placebo responders — all important to improving clinical trials in psychiatry.

Companion Diagnostics Development:

  • AI's platform extends beyond clinical trials into the development of companion diagnostics, potentially offering a cost-effective and predictive toolset for patient-tailored treatment regimens in the fight against mental health disorders.

Executive Quotes:

  • "This MDSS acceptance not only empowers our technological advancements but is also a testament to our vision in precision medicine," states Mariam Khayretdinova, CEO. "Being part of MDSS will significantly accelerate our journey towards pioneering the future of psychiatry."
  • "Participation in the MDSS will support our mission to redefine psychiatric care,"_ adds Ivan Mishanin, COO and Co-founder. "We feel we are set to unlock unprecedented value in the pharmaceutical landscape, driving forward the era of digital therapeutics.”


About Merck Digital Sciences Studio
Merck Digital Sciences Studio (MDS Studio or MDSS) is a collaboration between Merck, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, Northpond Ventures, McKesson Ventures, Microsoft for Startups, and the New Jersey Innovation Institute, a New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) subsidiary. The 10-month startup accelerator program, with direct investments from Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, Northpond Ventures, and McKesson Ventures, empowers members and enables the generation of innovative digital technologies for drug discovery and development through hands-on mentorship, connection opportunities with industry-leading partners, and training in an active entrepreneurial setting. Through the accelerator program, these startups will have access to workshops, coaching, office space, and Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub resources, including up to $150,000 Azure Cloud computing credits.


About Brainify.AI

Brainify.AI (, J&J JLabs resident, is a groundbreaking company pioneering the shift toward precision psychiatry. Brainify.AI leverages biological data through the innovative AI EEG biomarker platform. Brainify.AI transformative technology and cutting-edge tools are setting new standards in the psychiatric field, bridging the gap between clinical trials and effective treatments, thus catalyzing a new era of precision psychiatry.