Brainify.AI and Clerkenwell Health Forge New Path in Precision Psychiatry

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Nov 14, 2023 1:04:33 PM

NEW YORK, November 14, 2023 – Brainify.AI, an innovator in the artificial intelligence (AI) and electroencephalography (EEG) biomarker space, and Clerkenwell Health, a leading mental health research company, have today announced a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration is set to reshape the psychiatric clinical trial landscape, integrating Brainify.AI's advanced AI technology with Clerkenwell Health's expertise in cutting-edge psychiatry treatments.

A Leap Towards Precision Psychiatry

The partnership signifies a pivotal move towards precision psychiatry. By leveraging Brainify.AI's platform, Clerkenwell Health can incorporate data-driven precision into their mental healthcare trials. This strategic alliance aims to enhance therapeutic effectiveness, potentially boosting pharmaceutical revenue through improved drug efficacy.

Addressing Clinical Trial Challenges

Historically, the mental health sector has been plagued by high Phase II/III clinical trial failure rates, impeding drug development. This partnership addresses these challenges by utilizing Brainify.AI's technology to enhance trial efficiency and success rates, promising a more robust U.S. and U.K. clinical trial ecosystem.

Innovative Companion Diagnostics Development

The collaboration also facilitates the easier development of companion diagnostics. These shared diagnostics between the two companies could revolutionize therapeutic effectiveness, marking a new era in mental health treatment and research.

Expert Voices

Ivan Mishanin, COO of Brainify.AI, remarked, "Our joint endeavor with Clerkenwell Health is a significant leap in our mission to reduce R&D costs while enhancing drug approval likelihood. This synergy will pioneer a more precise, data-driven era in mental health treatment."

Tom McDonald, CEO of Clerkenwell Health, added, "Collaborating with Brainify.AI is a transformative step for our depression trials. Their platform's predictive capabilities provide us with a more refined tool to navigate the complexities of psychiatric disorders, ensuring better outcomes for our clients."

An Enhanced Hybrid Model

Clerkenwell Health’s existing hybrid research and treatment model, combined with Brainify.AI’s precision psychiatry technology, is poised to bring added value to Clerkenwell Health’s trial design and delivery.

About Brainify.AI

Brainify.AI stands at the forefront of advancing precision psychiatry through its state-of-the-art AI biomarker platform, reshaping the psychiatric landscape and fostering a link between clinical trials and efficacious treatments.

About Clerkenwell Health

Clerkenwell Health is a modern mental health company dedicated to building the clinical research expertise required for the next wave of mental health and neurological treatments, including psychedelic medicines.

The partnership between Brainify.AI and Clerkenwell Health is more than a collaboration; it's a stride towards a future where precision and efficacy in mental healthcare are not just aspirations but realities.