Brainify.AI's CEO Shares Insights on AI in Nasdaq Interview

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Jul 7, 2023 8:30:00 AM

Our esteemed CEO and co-founder, Mariam Khayretdinova, was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Nasdaq, where she shed light on the important role of artificial intelligence (AI) in depression treatment. In the interview, Mariam also shared personal experiences that have shaped Brainify.AI's mission.

Brainify.AI, under Mariam's leadership, is on a mission to revolutionize the way we tackle depression, one of the most devastating mental health conditions of our time. The company has developed a sophisticated AI technology that analyzes brain signals to streamline the identification process of patients who are most likely to respond positively to new antidepressant treatments. This innovative approach not only leads to more successful clinical trials, but it also hastens the process of getting effective medications to those who need them most.

Mariam’s inspiration to found Brainify.AI comes from a deeply personal place. After witnessing the heart-wrenching effects of depression and a suicide attempt within her own family, she felt a strong calling to assist adolescents and adults alike who grapple with depression. Her primary motivation is to develop more effective treatments and support systems to not only improve their lives but also provide them with a sense of hope for a brighter future.

The implications of Brainify.AI's work are far-reaching. Mariam highlights that the innovative use of smart computers to analyze brain waves helps determine the effectiveness of potential medications. This AI-based approach accelerates the process of drug development, meaning new and improved treatments can reach patients sooner, ultimately leading to faster recovery times.

During the interview, Mariam emphasized the importance of seeking help when struggling with depression. She reassured those battling this mental health condition that they are not alone and that there is a whole community of caregivers, medical professionals, and loved ones ready to support them. Mariam's message is clear: it's okay to ask for help, and seeking help from a qualified doctor can make a monumental difference in a person's life.

Mariam's in-depth discussion with Nasdaq serves as a powerful reminder of the critical role that AI and tech companies like Brainify.AI play in healthcare, specifically in mental health. We invite you to read the full interview here.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ground-breaking work in leveraging AI to better understand and treat depression. At Brainify.AI, we remain dedicated to our mission of creating a world where mental health is treated with the precision, effectiveness, and compassion it deserves.