Brainify.AI Featured in Global AI in Drug Discovery Platform by Deep Pharma Intelligence

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Aug 10, 2023 3:32:12 PM

Deep Pharma Intelligence (DPI), a prominent UK-based market intelligence agency, has recently unveiled an advanced interactive IT-Platform and analytics report, showcasing the largest profiling of the global AI in Drug Discovery industry to date. This comprehensive platform paints a vivid picture of the industry's landscape, featuring a dynamic array of interactive, searchable, and filterable profiles, including industry databases of 800 companies, 1900 investors, 90 corporations, and 50 hubs engaged in AI for drug discovery.

In a significant acknowledgment of innovation and expertise, Brainify.AI has been highlighted on this platform, underscoring its pioneering contributions to the AI in Drug Discovery sector.

Brainify.AI's revolutionary AI/ML electroencephalography (EEG) biomarker platform is designed to transform the field of psychiatry, with innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of clinical trials, reduce R&D costs, and improve patient outcomes. With products such as PlaceboInsight AI, TherapyInsight AI, and CleanSpectrum AI, Brainify.AI is making giant strides toward precision psychiatry based on biological data.

The AI in Drug Discovery platform by DPI is more than just a compilation of industry players; it's a vital tool, providing sophisticated analytical and market intelligence capabilities. The dashboard offers automated SWOT analysis and AI-driven smart-matching tools for those seeking deeper and more customized insights.

Furthermore, Deep Pharma Intelligence is expected to release additional platform iterations and analytical reports in the coming weeks, highlighting groundbreaking solutions and major trends in AI applications for Cancer Vaccines, Diabetes, FemTech, and Oncology.

This recognition by DPI not only celebrates the active and innovative work of Brainify.AI but also brings to light the potential avenues for collaboration and the remarkable growth in the AI-driven drug discovery domain.

Your expertise, dear readers, plays an instrumental role in shaping the future of this industry. We invite you to explore the platforms and consider how AI in Drug Discovery is not just a distant dream but a thriving reality.

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