Ivan Mishanin Talks Brainify.AI & Tech Entrepreneurship

1 min read
Apr 5, 2023 10:06:15 AM

In a recent interview with Danny Wesley from HackerNoon, Ivan Mishanin, co-founder and COO of Brainify.AI, shared his experience as a tech entrepreneur and insights into the future of mental health treatment. Read the full interview here: https://hackernoon.com/from-connected-cars-to-mental-health-ivan-mishanins-journey-as-a-co-founder-and-tech-leader

Mishanin discussed the challenges he faced while growing and selling his previous company, Bright Box, and how these experiences prepared him for his latest venture, Brainify.AI. This cutting-edge company is revolutionizing the drug development process for depression and other psychiatric disorders, using AI and machine learning to predict treatment responses.

As Brainify.AI continues to develop its innovative solutions, Mishanin envisions a future where mental health treatment becomes a highly personalized experience, ultimately helping millions of people around the globe lead happier and healthier lives.