Brainify.AI Welcomes Dr. Jim Doherty as New Advisory Board Member

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Apr 16, 2024 7:28:04 PM

Jim Doherty

Brainify.AI, a pioneering company at the forefront of AI precision psychiatry, today announced the appointment of Dr. Jim Doherty to its advisory board. Dr. Doherty currently serves as the President and Chief Development Officer at Acumen Pharmaceuticals, where his extensive experience in central nervous system (CNS) research and development has significantly advanced the field.

Dr. Doherty was pivotal at Sage Therapeutics as the Chief Development Officer, where he led numerous groundbreaking projects focused on novel CNS disorder treatments. His efforts were instrumental in the development of key pharmaceuticals like Zulresso and Zurzuvae, which have made significant impacts in their respective areas. Prior to his tenure at Sage, Dr. Doherty spearheaded the preclinical Neuroscience department at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals within the CNS and Pain Innovative Medicine unit. His leadership there resulted in over 20 programs transitioning from preclinical stages to clinical development, showcasing his ability to drive projects from conception to fruition.

Throughout his career, Dr. Doherty has been a formidable presence in neurology, psychiatry, analgesia, seizure control, and cognition research, contributing to the field with over 250 peer-reviewed scientific publications, abstracts, and presentations. Additionally, his innovative work has earned him numerous patents.

With Dr. Doherty on board, Brainify.AI is poised to enhance its advisory team, ensuring that the company remains at the cutting edge of AI-driven neuroscience solutions. His background will be particularly beneficial in guiding Brainify.AI through its next phase of growth as it seeks to develop new technologies and therapies that address the complexities of the human brain.

Dr. Doherty's leadership and expertise are expected to drive significant advancements in Brainify.AI's research initiatives and product development, providing fresh insights and a strategic direction that will benefit the company and the broader scientific community.