Senior Data Scientist Named

Alexey Matveev

Neuroscience Software ( announced today it is expanding its data scientist team with Alexey Matveev (, Kaggle master. As a senior data scientist, he will be responsible for Al models, focusing on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and data analysis.

Neuroscience Software  is working on a cloud-based AI medical application (Software as Medical Device (SaMD). That application will help clinicians understand EEG reports and assist in diagnosing, treating, and controlling the treatment outcomes of patients with depression.

As a senior data scientist, Matveev will bring more than ten years of data science, data analysis, and machine learning expertise to Neuroscience Software. He previously led international teams at LANIT, Microsoft, and Sberbank. He is a PMP/PMI-certified specialist and an active participant in Kaggle competitions. As a project leader, he organized a competition for Sberbank on the Kaggle platform. “We recently acquired a huge dataset of patient data,” said Ivan Mishanin, CEO of Neuroscience Software. “This dataset contains all essential information for initial research. Alexey Matveev will increase the capacity of our data science team.”

Matveev graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in computer modeling in chemistry.
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