HLTH 2022

1 min read
Nov 1, 2022 10:51:00 AM

We're excited to announce that Brainify.AI will be participating in the upcoming HLTH 2022 event in Las Vegas from November 13-16. The event, which has become a preeminent gathering of healthcare industry leaders, provides a great opportunity for our team to connect with partners and customers in the industry.

As part of the four-day event, the entire healthcare ecosystem will be represented on an open show floor. This unique setup breaks down silos and unites all participants in one holistic environment, fostering collaboration and innovation. With a focus on pushing boundaries in the healthcare industry, the HLTH 2022 event promises to be an inspiring and productive experience for all those involved.

We look forward to participating in this exciting event and continuing to build strong relationships with our partners and customers. Stay tuned for updates on our involvement and insights from the conference!